Passion and great moments

Passion and great moments

Good morning!!!

Life has been so good to me recently that last night I had sweet dreams recalling great moments in my designer life like when I finished my first fashion show, when I was walking the streets of Stockholm and saw a girl wearing the bag I designed, when I saw hundreds of seamstresses sewing the underwear I drew. The satisfaction of seeing the fruits of my hard work came to life is inexpressible. It is somehow selfish and generous at the same time.
Since I became a mother, cooking has been my newly added passion. I love to make food that not only tastes good but also looks good! I am also grateful for my friends who have been so supportive in my culinary endeavour. And this very week, I had a chance to share my macaron technique to a lovely group of four gorgeous ladies. This experience reminded me of long sleepless nights preparing final looks for the fashion show, the stress and anxiety of the outcome. And most important thing, the satisfaction that I haven’t had for a long time when things turned out perfect!

Wishing you a nice day!

Love and sunshine,


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