Hi there!

Hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer!

I had a wonderful time in France and Thailand catching up with family and friends. Travelling around for nearly two months requires a bit of packing skill. There is one thing that I carry everywhere, everyday :PRINTED SCARVES! They are my jewellery, my hair accessories, they keep me warm, cover me up. They are everything my creation allows. I shared some ways to style a scarf before in this post.  The style I created in this post back in 2012 was printed in the recent Knotting Cards of Hermes! What a coincident!!!!

I was about to go to leave Saint-Paul-de-Vence to fly back to Paris. The sales associate of Hermes shop in Nice Airport asked to take photo of my Hermes twilly necklace so he can recreate the look!

Wearing another Hermes twilly as bracelet and the sales associate at Hermes Faubourg Saint-Honoré asked me how I styled it. Of course, I showed her. You can see it here.

Covering loosely over the shoulders when you feel the chill from air-conditioning

Twilly isa bit short as headband for adult but perfect for little girl

My favourite is wearing twilly on my neck

My look from last summer shopping for a new pair of spectacles at Lafont Paris

My favourite picture from last summer. I chose this lovely frame.

Braided 3 scarves to cover my salty hair

Twilly for my pony tail

Last but not least, a beach cover up from 2 small silk square scarves

Wishing you a good start back from summer!

Love and sunshine,



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