Good morning everyone!

Hope that you all have a good start of 2017! Lunar New Year is around the corner. I feel that the older I get, the faster time flies. Good moments are harder to find, so let us be happy with all the blessings we have. I wish you all good health and positive attitude towards life.

As usual, when the end draws near, we tend to reflect on what we did the past year and hope for the best in the year to come. When I was younger, every year I learned something new. Recently, I tend to do something new each year. If it’s the way we get older, then it suits me well. The most important thing to be happy is not to compare or envy other people’s blessings. If today you learn or do something better than yesterday, you should be pleased about yourself and your situation. I have been living that way since I became a mom. In 2016, I bought less fashion items, instead, I used that budget to travel and meet interesting people who gradually became my  friends. I also enrolled in a Pilates course (which has been an essential not an option anymore due to all the calories I take in from my newly found hobby named The Sharp Orange). All I wish for new year and many years to come is that I will never stop exercise because I believe when I am in good health, life is beautiful!




wearing Jim Thompson silk dress, Prada clutch, Louis Vuitton open-toe pumps, Bvlgari serpenti watch and rings

Love and sunshine,



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