Favourite dining venues in Paris

Favourite dining venues in Paris

Good morning everyone!

Food is one of the most comforting things I have in life. Every time I go to Paris, these restaurants are in my must-go list. Let’s enjoy!

Caviar Kaspia : Russian specialties
The first time I tried caviar was at Caviar Kaspia and I didn’t like it! But unfortunately for my husband, it grew in me :)) Now, this is the ONE restaurant that we visit whenever we are back to France.
IMG_7398baked potato with 30g of Imperial Beari caviar

IMG_7374Norwegian smoked salmon with blinis

IMG_7371salmon roe

IMG_7384feuillantine au chocolat et framboises fraiches

Casa Bini : Italian cuisine
This elegant restaurant serve the best pasta with Alba white truffle when it is in season. It is our all time favourite dish. In our last visit, we enjoyed summer salads and their famous tiramisu.
IMG_7656cheese stuffed grilled bell pepper with fresh salad and parmesan

IMG_7654I love these plates

IMG_7789Casa Bini’s signature tiramisu

Anahuacalli : Mexican cuisine
If you like Mexican food, you have to try out this restaurant. It’s original! The staff are very friendly even though they are usually very crowded.






Passy Mandarin : Chinese cuisine
6 Rue Bois le Vent, 75016 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 88 12 18
My mother-in-law loves this restaurant, she feels like home here. The food is decent and good quality. You will never have bad surprise!
IMG_7460duck breast with mango

IMG_7464Chinese liquor cups 🙂

L’ Atlas : Moroccan cuisine
It’s funny that we  have to come all the way from Bangkok to Paris for a good couscous, but this is unbeatable!


IMG_7531I am addicted to this Moroccan tea



Le coq de la maison blanche : traditional French cuisine
If you like traditional French cuisine like me, this restaurant will please you. They serve decent portion and authentic cuisine.
IMG_7746summer salad with fennel, sliced mushrooms, romaine lettuce

IMG_7747riz de veau


IMG_7749coq au vin, the restaurant’s signature dish

But the best of all is breakfast at home. It’s not  only the food you eat but also who you are having it with that makes the meal special.



Have a nice day!

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