Bounce back

Bounce back

Good morning everyone!

It took me 7 months to write again. Unlike the first rupture which I made a few years ago to enjoy my first time being a mother, this time I was lost! I lost my interest in fashion, let alone blogging. I was burnt out and needed a break. For months, all I saw around me was people copying each other’s designs, broken promises and complicated humans.
Luckily, I threw myself into something new to keep me busy. I cooked. I baked. I took photos of my food and posted them into an Instagram account the_sharp_orange. I got some likes now and then but it didn’t matter. My new hobby saved me. I felt much better and my creative juice started to flow. Once again, I drew my sketches for lingerie with excitement, not as a routine. I also drew things I like around me: flowers, mountains, desserts… I live again. It took me 7 months to bounce back.
The lesson I got through all this is you have to move on to save your soul, to live and to create new things no matter what forms they come in. Food feeds my body and saves my soul and I am very grateful to my family and friends who enjoyed my food wholeheartedly.


creamchesse buns with an orange and an espresso for breakfast


milk brioche slices ready for Sunday brunch


cheesecake with orange marmalade and a cup of orange tea for afternoon snacks


Minecraft cake for my son’s birthday


salted egg and cheese mini cupcakes for my daughter’s school food festival


coconut tart with fresh shredded coconut for myself 🙂


my children’s favourite cookies

Live on and don’t let anything bring you down! Time is the best remedy.
I gave myself the time I needed and I am happy I did.

Love and sunshine,


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