Gilles Goujon – 3 Michelin Star Chef

Gilles Goujon – 3 Michelin Star Chef

Good morning!!!

I hope you all do well! Life has been treating me fabulously these days and the highlight of it was my experience at the Sukhothai Hotel – Art of Dining lunch, featuring Gilles Goujon – 3 Michelin Star Chef. His creation and passion for French cuisine is incredible. My pictures and video are far from doing justice to the exceptional dishes that were presented. I wish there are more and more chefs that commit to using local products and upgrade traditional food to the next level with their creativity and love for the earth.


Tarbouriech beaded oyster lightly smoked


Scallop, polyped broth, artichokes mash with truffle


Rotten egg of melanosporum truffle on a mushroom mash, lukewarm small brioche and cappuccino to drink, a grated melanosporum truffle


Tribute to Roger Vergé, “Poupeton”, crystal zucchini flower. filled with lobster sorbet, pincer of mango and citrus fruit marinade


Red mullet fillet, good mouth apple filled with brandade of “bullinada” spring onion, foam of saffron rouille


Racan squad supreme with false skin of almonds, roasted apricot tartlet like a mint pastille, confit eggplant of cocoa and cocoa bean perfume


Kalamansi slightly confit with sorbet


Menton lemon softly breakable, citrus bergamot and kumquat of Japan sorbet, thyme and lemon cream, shortbread with fleur de sel

And the woman who savored all that ^__^

It was such a feast!!!!

Have a beautiful day!

Love and sunshine,


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