Preparing your home for party season!

Preparing your home for party season!

Good morning!

Party season is here! This time of the year, I usually tidy up my place a little bit and give away clothes that my children have grown out of. The little ones too, before receiving their gifts, choose to share their “less favorite” toys so those toys have the chance to be loved by other kids. Together, we put up our Christmas tree, hang baubles and decorate out little nest.
At our home, whenever we throw a party, tablescape is a bit different from the norm. We enjoy both western and oriental food at the same time so I often add a bowl and a pair of chopsticks into the set accordingly.

While the kids enjoy their Big tree, I love to have my own little trees at my working corner. Just stack up boxes and add ribbons around them! If you want to try some DIY and recycle old boxes, I found this tutorial quite helpful.

Every year when we put up our Xmas tree, there are always a few damaged baubles. Instead of ditching them, I put them all in a glass vase and topped up with some decoration. That makes a nice centerpiece, don’t you think?

I love lacquerware. Every time I go back to Vietnam I have to bring back something. These placemats are a few of them. They can be used both ways: eggshell encrusted or lacquered black. In this setting, I leave the dinning table as it is and use my favorite placemats.

One more thing I love to bring back from Vietnam to my little nest is embroidery products. This tablecloth and napkins are my treasure finds. If I don’t use those lacquered placemats, this linen tablecloth is my choice! It’s beautiful and refreshing!

Last but not least, don’t forget to glam up yourself too! I had my nails done with OPI “Getting’ Miss Piggy With It” and “Ro-man-ce on The Moon”. It sparkles!

Have a nice time preparing your parties!

Love and sunshine,

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