Printed silk top

Printed silk top

Good morning!

At this time of the year, anyone who ever lives in a cooler climate may miss the game of layers. But living in a city like Bangkok means you enjoy evergreen trees and sunny weather most of the year. And above all that, vibrant and colorful prints nexium and migraines is never out of date! That’s perfect for a print-loving girl like me 🙂 I durée du traitement flagyl keep my everyday outfit rather streamlined and comfy. Every year, I get myself a new shirt with beautiful print. Silk is the best, but it’s even better flagyl dosage when it comes…sleeveless! Just like this one!

IMG_7047 wearing it with white lipitor dosage jeans and open toed pumps to grab a caffe latte IMG_6279 wearing it with stripy shorts to the park IMG_6270 Climb up the helicopter with my kids! Have a nice day! Love and sunshine, xxx Hang

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