Taberna Jamon Jamon

Taberna Jamon Jamon

Good morning!

I value honesty, be it a person, an image, a piece of news, a company, a community or a restaurant…It is so rare now that we can find honesty in our society. Let’s start from our plate – the food we eat. Good quality and fair price. It’s hard to find, so when one comes by, you will never forget it.
For me, Taberna Jamon Jamon is one of them. It’s a family-like Spanish restaurant, down Soi 20, Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The moment you enter, its music and cosy atmosphere will transport you to where it all started : Extremadura, the region of extensive and diverse historical and artistic heritage as well as being the leading producer of Jamon Iberico.
At Taberna Jamon Jamon you will taste the delicacy of Spanish gourmet- Jamon Iberico. It takes 48 months to process the meat from the Iberian black pigs, solely fed on acorns and meadow pastures.
The subtle, delicate flavour, very slightly salty piece of perfectly handcut Jamon on top of a toast will bring you the intense aroma that make you come back for more !
If not for Jamon Iberico then it must be for Paella, the ultimate Spanish rice, made on the spot for you ! Nothing worths the wait more than this. There are choices for everyone, vegetarians and children alike !

Lovely terrace to sip a beer in a late afternoon

Tile mural with pictures of everything Spanish

Jamon Iberico on toast

Scarlet shrimp carpaccio and Anchovies in olive oil

Seafood Paella

Medium board of assorted cold cuts and cheese to share

Sangria – Spanish cocktail

Spanish caramel custard – my favorite dessert! It’s so soft

When the sun is down, live Flamenco show is up on stage ! Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm you can enjoy the performance of Lalita Bay Jantaro and the passionate guitarist Clark Berger





Come and discover the Spanish tradition of food! I am pretty sure you find your new favorite Spanish tapas at Taberna Jamon Jamon

Love and sunshine,



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