In my backpack

In my backpack

Good morning!

I have a thing with backpacks recently! I have long forgotten them until I saw this beauty in the new Pleats Please Store at EmQuartier, a new luxury shopping destination in Bangkok. It is so light and well made. I carry my whole life in it and still feel as light as a feather!


Inside my Pleats Please Issey Miyake backpack there are 2 little pouches: 1 for the scarves and the other for all the small necessities. I try to limit my time on my iPhone by carrying a book to read in case I have to wait somewhere. I also have plasters, saline eye drops, baby wipes and nappy cream handy for my children. You never know 🙂

wearing SODA handprinted Indonesian Batik top, Zara skirt, Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld plastic pumps

Wishing you a lovely day!

Love and sunshine,





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