Birthday cakes

Birthday cakes

Good morning everyone !


Last week has been rather hectic for me because it was my son’s birthday. I always worried that my cakes would not turn out well, and to avoid disappointment, for the past 5 years I ordered all the cakes we needed for the occasion. This year, I decided to take the plunge!

My son’s favourite character at the moment is Ironman and second, there comes Captain America ! So, I made Captain America inspired cupcakes with red, white, blue sprinkles on top and chocolate chips decoration for his Birthday with his classmates at school, a Captain America fondant cake with 3 layers of red, white, blue frostings for dinner at home on the day of his Birthday. On the party day when he had friends coming over at home, I made his favourite Ironman fondant cake with red and yellow frosting and some chocolate cakepops for the girls whom I guessed don ‘t care who that Ironman is.

As I made those mostly at weird hours when the kids were in bed and I was not quite sure of it success, I can only share with you the final photos. There are no step by step instruction.

Here are recipes that I used in my cakes :


Chocolate cakes :

I added 3 Tbsp of chocolate chips into the mixture at the final step.


Frosting on cupcakes and between cake layers :




Chocolate coating on cakepops :

1 cup of chocolate chip with 1 table spoon of vegetable oil, med-high in microwave for 30 sec.


Fondant: I bought the ready-to-use fondant 🙂


Chocolate chips for decoration :

Melt the chocolate chips and pour into molds, pop into the fridge for 30mins


Tips from my experience :

  • Cupcake : Fill the batter to half of the cupcake lining.
  • The first time I made a cake with fondant was the Captain America cake. I did not trim off the top of the cake so it was a bit fluffy even with the fondant on top.
  • The Ironman cake, I trimmed off the top to make the shape neater.
  • I printed an Ironman face from internet, made 2 copies :1 with only the outline of the face, 1 with the yellow parts cutout.
  • Place the outline of the face onto the red fondant and cut out the shape
  • Place the yellow parts onto the fondant and cut out the shape
  • Place the yellow fondant onto the red fondant. You will have the Ironman face as I did.
  • I ended up with 2 yummy cake tops from the Ironman cake so I made some cakepop for the girls. Nothing wasted !



My son, his classmates and our guests love my cakes. I am super happy !

I will post every Tuesday, from now on. For daily updates, please follow me on Instagram. Thank you veery much!

Love and sunshine,




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