Indonesian Batik – 1

Indonesian Batik – 1

Good morning!

It took me half a year to turn my little treasure of Indonesian Batik from my trip to Bali last Christmas into clothes. Here is one of them: Beautiful print and colour.  To me, it’s much more than a store-bought outfit, this is the work of love: from the local shop in Bali where my friend helped me find the fabric to the seamtress in Bangkok who realized my design with her craftsmanship empowered by years of experience.

batik dress- full body  batik dress- upper half and amethyst jewelry batik dress- full body  batik dress- Louis Vuitton clutch and shoes

wearing made-to-measure Indonesian Batik dress, amethyst and pearl jewelry, Louis Vuitton clutch and pumps, Lafont glasses

Have a nice day!

Love and sunshine,

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