Grass jelly and basil seed drink

Grass jelly and basil seed drink

Hi, Hi, Hi, ladies and gentlemen!
Here is the summer drink that I like and I’ll make my son like cialis online it too! :)))

It’s obviously not summer now but don’t you see how hot it is in Bangkok? Just took a few photos and all the ice cubes had thawed away!
You can buy grass jelly powder in any Asian store and follow the instruction on the pack. Normally, it is served with lot of sugar dissolved in water, added some ice cubes and a few drops of banana extract. The result is an extremely refreshing drink. I love it! But serving a glass of levitra dosage black jelly for a kid and make him eat it won’t be an easy experience. So I tried to spice things how long does it cialis take to kick in up by using my poker shape mould for ice and the grass jelly too. I natural alternatives to viagra added milk with strawberry flavor so he could viagra take in more milk instead of sugar. Yummy Yummy  ^___^
If you heart my kid style drink but want an adult version, Annette from The Spices of Life can show you how 🙂

Have a nice kamagra oral jelly cvs day!

Love and sunshine,

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