Merely Cashmere!

Merely Cashmere!

Good morning beauties!
Do you like cashmere? I hope you do like it as much as I do to handwash your cashmere treasures. The more you wash the nicer it becomes. Seriously! New knitted cashmere garments often form small balls of fluff on its surface (because we ladies have also our indispensable item called bags that may rub on it), washing will definitely improve the knitting. 
I washed my little girl’s hooded cardigan with a little bit of mild liquid detergent (without fabric conditioner) in cold water and dried it flat on a towel (avoid direct sunlight) then ironed it on the lowest heat. Voilà!
Yesterday, I was writing the first sentence of this post when my little girl woke up and cried for milk. I clumsily pressed “publish” instead of “save” then logged out! I am so sorry Kizzy that you haven’t seen the whole post.
Wishing you a sweet day!
Love and sunshine,

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