Hello my dear friends!
I hope you are all doing well wherever you are. Though I haven’t got much time to visit and show my love to your blogs, I am consistently showered by your love here. Thank you so much Sacramento of Mispapelicos, Vita of Vita in vitro, Kizzy of The dainty dolls house, Jill of Everything just so and friends who continues reading my blog. After 2 months and half of adapting to my new exciting life – being mom to a healthy and beautiful girl – I think I should blog again. Blogging is amazingly therapeutic! Just an hour emerging in the world of stylish people can take me through hours of diapers, milk and sleeplessness ^_^ 
And what is better than restarting blogging with a friend?

Really love Ngọc Bích’s effortless chic: Black comfy outfit, flats, straw hat and a bag that you-can-carry-your-whole-life-in, and a dash of statement jewelry. Just perfect for Bangkok!

Have a beautiful day!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. The Dainty Dolls House at 11:13 pm

    That’s so lovely doll!! Really there is no need to thank me, I am just glad you are doing well & have come back to us :)) Motherhood is a lot of hours and a lot of time & you are doing fantastic!! I send you lots of love & hugs doll xxx

  2. Jill at 1:23 am

    Hi Hang! Oh girl, I have been there, I know it is so hard to re-enter the world when you have a new baby! Thanks for the mention, that was so kind of you. I hope you are getting some sleep. I will wait for you, honey! Your friend is so stylish and I am dying over that bag. XO, Jill

  3. Vita at 3:11 am

    Your friend looks amazing, I really love the black overall! I’m looking forward to reading your posts more often now, though it must be tough to keep up with a baby and a blog, I hope your daughter is one of the sleep-loving babies (I supposedly slept a lot, letting my mum rest =D)

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