Maternity style – 3 : Birthday!

Maternity style – 3 : Birthday!

Hello everyone!!!
It’s been one year since my last birthday so last Thursday I celebrated another year of life with even more excitement since I am now eating for two 🙂

wearing Issey Miyaké Pleats Please dress and bag, LV pumps, BVL watch and rings, thrift earrings, Lafont glasses and Shiseido lipstick .
Pleats Please is pregnant women’s best friend, you can wear them foreverrrrrr ^^

This is the new addition to my little black bag collection. It’s a tiny bag with a super-size capacity
 Now, serious part begins
 burrata and caviar
 tortelli stuffed with braised Bresse chicken, pumkin sauce, foie gras and parmesan cheese 
 I love big carnations

until a certain age, you don’t need all the candles, one is enough 🙂
in case you’re tired of my preggo face, take a look at Spring Summer 2013 collection from Issey Miyake Pleats Please Lookbook. They keep the excitement season after season. Must love them ^_^
Have a nice week!
Love and sunshine, 

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  1. Vita at 2:54 am

    Happy birthday! <3

    I thought you looked really happy in the picture, now I see why – the food looks so good! You’re the most stylish mum (+ mum to be) ever. 😉

  2. Bella Q at 8:03 am

    Gurl you have thee best taste in clothes- I love the dress on you and your bag is sweet! Congrats on your budding baby- wishing you an easy delivery and a healthy young one!

    PS: Happy Birthday to you, Hang-ten! Here’s to many more stylish years on this planet.

  3. Anonymous at 5:44 pm

    Hang!!! I just love your dress!!! And all the foods you post aswell 🙂 I hope you re fine with your new 2 babies mom life!!! You are beautiful, and you were specially beautiful and charming during your pregnancy… 🙂
    Kiss to your familly and for you 😉
    Cristina (Tini Nha)

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