1. Little vintage bag

1. Little vintage bag

Dear friends!
I hope you are all doing well and lead fabulously creative lives wherever you are. 
I am having a little project to lift myself up without spending a fortune. I am going to create new looks from my existing clothes and accessories. And the first victim is Shin forest green vintage-inspired clutch 🙂
Of course it’s perfect as it is but after a some wears I want to change the strap to make it look more like a Hermès Constance or a Chanel 2.55 … whatever!
First, I cut off the original strap and wrapped it around my wrist 🙂 then I bought a dog chain from a local super market and took away the 2 big rings at the ends and linked the chain together.

The good thing about this is that now I can carry my clutch either ways and have a bracelet to go with it 🙂

Have a nice day!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Sacramento Amate at 9:41 pm

    Much more classy now, Hang. Simple but it really makes such a difference.
    I got this morning your card. I feel happy everytime I look at it, and I can feel the love and sushine from you.
    Take care
    I am hugging you tight. I hope ypu can feel it.

  2. Vita at 1:01 am

    Yeah, chains look amazing with small handbags, I did a similar thing, but I also threaded a ribbon through the chain. Yours looks really classy now, and I love how you kept the original strap as a bracelet, that’s smart!

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