It’s winter in Europe. So we have winter truffles in our plates here. 
puffy pastry with whole truffle inside on a bed of spinach, corn soup and sweet vinegar

 spicy seafood soup
 tortino – flourless chocolate cake with a coulis of expresso and vanilla ice cream
There are not so many kinds of truffles that are diamonds in the kitchen but there is a bunch of similarities out there. My reference goes here. Besides those exquisite five, other so-called truffles may resemble in shape but much inferior aroma-wise.
I usually have my truffle dishes by Chef Maurizio Menconi of  La Scala, The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok, who boasts high standard of creation and a passion for food 
Chef Maurizio Menconi and white Alba truffles – Photo credit: The Sukhothai Hotel
This photo reminded me of white truffle desserts that he made not so long ago. Delicious!!!!
Love and sunshine, 
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