The first Christmas gift

The first Christmas gift

Last week, I found a wonderful surprise in my mail box. A present of friendship from Spain. Guess who, it’s Sacramento of Mis Papelicos! I am so touched to receive a Christmas card with her hand writing together with a beautiful vintage Batik scarf. I love Batik, I love scarves, I love orchids and she sent me all in one. The virtual world of blogs became real because she could touch my heart.
It’s a big scarf  with brilliantly printed orchids and it’s big enough to hug me so I wrapped it around as a top and secured with my favourite ladybird pin. I’m wearing a whole hanging garden now, just the way we

hang orchids! I even have Tintin’s white dog running around happily ^_^

Thank you so much for sending me such a precious gift, Sacramento!

wearing vintage Batik scarf from Mis Papelicos as top, Zara jeans, thrift ladybird pin and leaf earrings, Corsia leather bag, Lafont glasses and Givenchy pumps

Have a

nice week!
Love and sunshine,

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  1. playingwithscarves at 8:46 pm

    Hi Hang 🙂
    New on your blog! I really love your scarf and the way you wear it. Gorgeous.
    As for your photos of Christmas food, they make me hungry and it’s not even 9am where I live (Florida)….
    All the best,
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

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