weekend sweets

weekend sweets

Hi my friends!
I hope you have had a nice weekend! I spent my Saturday afternoon baking which is not so usual because as clumsy as I am, I thought I would never be able to survive in the kitchen though I highly appreciate good food. 
Life is not always a tranquil river and I have had some nauseous moments recently. I found baking a good solution. It required precision and concentration and thus I completely forgot all the  concerns for a while. The results are beautiful and the whole family can enjoy my stress 🙂
I started with a Yoghurt Cheesecake with Plum jam topping. Of course, I ended up with 6 egg whites, so I made an Angel Food Cake. After that, I saw 6 bars of dark chocolate in the fridge, I was off to bake Chocolate chunk Cookies. 

Dear friends, my email thuhangam@yahoo.com was hacked. Therefore, I terminated it. If you receive any emails from that address, it doesn’t come from me.
Please feel free to contact me at my new email: hangmegau@hotmail.fr

Wishing you all a fruitful week ahead!
Love and sunshine,

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  1. Vita at 4:44 am

    Clumsy? These look like pictures from a cookbook! It makes me crave sweets! Would you consider sharing the recipes, pretty please? It looks so delicious. ^____^

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