spread the love

spread the love

Hi everyone!
Look at all the love I received last weekend! I am such a happy girl ^_^ 
My friend Barbara Renault, the mastermind of Jardin. sent me her love all the way from Brazil where she develops her own brand after our Master degree in Université de la Mode in France. Her kindness brought back so much sweet memories. I can’t wait to show you these two dresses on me.

My husband found this gorgeous lady in Hermès store and brought her home for me because he remembered offered me the gentleman (on the left) before. I guess if Hermès prints babies on their scarves, he would get it for me too ^_^

Last but not least, my daily pleasure, the food for my ears and the dress for my eyes. Talking about eye dressing, Lafont is my favorite! It’s the Rolls-Royce service for eyewear.
Wishing you all a beautiful week!
Love and sunshine,
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