Elle Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012 – 27 Friday show

Elle Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012 – 27 Friday show

Good morning everyone!!!

Yesterday, I received a surprise invitation from my lovely friend Lorna to see the show of 27 Friday at Elle Fashion Week AW 2012 here in Bangkok! I was so excited because that was the first time I could watch a show as a spectator. Before, I was always at back stage dressing models and made sure everything was ‘perfect’ when it was my show. And when it’s not my show, I did the same thing because the designer I assisted was busy at the beauty salon preparing herself for the bow at the end of the show:)) Long gone the memories as junior designer. I did learnt precious experiences though.
Back to 27 Friday show, it was beautiful and creative. The catwalk was brightened by feminine silhouettes with daring splits and I really love the gold touch throughout the collection. However, I do prefer Khun Chanachai Jareevathana’s menwear. Just a personal feeling, please don’t ask me why I like something I can’t use and don’t use something that I can buy 🙂
Here is a little ending part for you. I enjoyed the show so much that I forgot to film 🙂
Unlike what I saw from Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan, Elle Fashion Week usually takes place in the evening. We’re lucky that yesterday it didn’t rain otherwise 1h30 waiting wouldn’t be that amusing 😉 The square in front of Central World was packed with beautifully “crazy” people. There were booths from sponsors around the square so you could have a glass of beer or see some new lipstick colours or mobile devices…. Lorna and I chose Magnum ^_^
photo with an ice cream and 2 dramatic people :))

They’re so beautiful, I had to take a pic with them! But I can’t tell if  the girl is girl and the guy is guy. In Thailand,  you can’t be sure ^_^

Me, of course :)))

Lorna and me having fun posing around

DJ, his music is not totally my taste but he’s a nice guy, that counts :))

a group of ladies in black and fringes showing each other their Iphones

me and Lorna waiting for the door to open

it had been more than 1 hour so we sat down and waited

we stood up otherwise we would be crashed by this beautiful crowd!!!!!

this is what girls do when they’re happy: taking photos of themselves

and their shoes –> even happier hahahah

waiting for the designer at the end, wearing McQ electric blue printed zip neck dress, Unide Nude sandals, Nic&Ollie bag

Here he is Khun Chanachai Jareeyathana. He has done a wonderful job!
Congratulations Khun Chanachai ka! I wish you all the best in your future endeavours ka.

And today is Friday, wishing you all a happy weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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