Koi restaurant

Koi restaurant

Fusion Japanese cuisine at Koi restaurant, a lovely experience in a manga setting.
my forever favourite drink: fresh orange juice. I don’t drink alcohol so I judge restaurants by their orange juices. This one is good but not authentic because it’s a mixture of orange and mandarine. Sweet and nice colour though! 

fish trio: tuna, salmon, yellow tail

Koi rolls. This one is true to its fusion flavour. When you’re Vietnamese, you become difficult when it comes to rolls! Because a Vietnamese palate is used to fish sauce :)))

seaweed salad


matcha green tea tiramisu. Delicious!

mango and passion fruit pudding. The star of the night!


and more manga

chill out in a western style bar

with great company of Diem Trang, all the food passed through my lips in all its glory. All was good, all was beautiful! All the gossips about our college years seemed like yesterday.

Bring your best friend here!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Mrs. D at 6:51 pm

    I just saw this while eating a jacket potato with cheese and baked beans sitting at my desk at work. Now I’m depressed about my lunch. Why doesn’t the cafeteria have nice things like this?


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