Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn!

Hi !!!!
I am so happy (not seen in photo ^_^ ) sporting my first ever Alexander Wang bag today! It was a crush! 
Recently, I had been scouting for a little black bag from 3.1 Philip Lim. I really loved it on internet but I wanted to hold it in my hands before spending my little fortune on it. Well, the best part of a brick and mortar shop is that it can change your mind completely and is more powerful that whatever you see online. 
So, here I am with Mr. Wang, instead of Mr. Lim ­čÖé

wearing Sunco top, Two Days pants, Zara pumps and Alexander Wang mini golf bag

This bag was the only one in the shop, not because it’s so well sold but because nobody wanted it. It’s not convenient, the salesgirl said. Maybe only hardcore Wang’s fans can love it. I am not. I love it because it must have taken Wang lots of courage to put it into production, to put an idea into life and to give backpack a glorious come-back in luxury industry where all the bags have similar shapes and openings.

Have a nice weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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