vacation home

vacation home

Good morning sunshine!!!
I am still dreaming of you and especially the great time I spent in this lipitor in stroke gorgeous house, designed by Le Corbustier, in Hyères last summer.
shade of blue that blends with the sky and rhythms with the sea

stony and angular shout out from Le Corbustier

seaside is in walking distance but who can resist this swimming pool?
are you thinking of Matisse? 

divine attitude, it metronidazole flagyl says

how about playing petanque or a stroll in

the quiet garden?

it seems that air and light are made of stripes

you can make a mess here, it’s vacation 
cozy living room

my favorite teen room! A little girly space with cute dressing and stylish shower

I stayed in a room with great view to the sea and salt fields but too messy for photos :))

Love and sunshine,

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