Good morning world!
This same day 7 years ago I started my blog. I am so happy that I am still doing it. My blog evolved alot as time goes by, so did my style. I started posting only photos of my designs and now it has become a personal style blog. I wanted to design clothes for children, now I am a lingerie designer. Dreams somehow came true in a surprising way.
 2012 blooming year, my blog starts to have more readers and I have more friends

2011 new home new scene

2010 settlement and nostalgia

2009 biggest achievement: a healthy happy boy and a teddy bear to celebrate his first tooth
2008 La France and Master of Fashion and Creation

2007 creation and fashion show
2006 creation and collaboration

2005 creation and dreams
thank you very much for reading and especially to those I have never met but have always considered friends SacramentoBellaAmintaVictoriaRocquelleMrs.DAmyJillLVJason and Avy.

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Mrs. D at 6:45 pm

    Congratulations! 7 years is indeed a long time and I always love seeing these retrospective posts, you can really see the evolution!
    thank you so much for the shoutout, you’re very kind and it’s a pleasure to read you!

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