to show or not to show?

to show or not to show?

Hello darlings!!!
With intimate wear appears more and more as decent outfits, I was not surprised when being asked if it’s nice to show off our bras in casual wear. I will be happy if you do so. I have more chances to see my creations on you without being impolite ^_^ However, if you have worn it for a zillion times, I’m not interested :))
When an old white bra popping out, it looks like a mistake, when a neon bra pops out, it’s a statement. But but but, it’s all in your confidence.
Check out Gwen Stefani. I really love the way she paired her white tanks

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with colourful bras.

wearing my own design bra, Zara dress, Givenchy shoes and thrift necklace

Love and sunshine,

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  1. jill815 at 3:11 am

    I love your look and I’m with you, white bra poking out, not so interesting. Neon yellow? Love! I have a new hot pink bra that I have been wearing with a black tank top with bugle beads around the neck and I have been letting the hot pink straps poke out. I normally do not like that look but for some reason, it works! XO, Jill P.S. Chanel-inspired outfit? I’m doing the post Aug. 1. I would love for you to join us!

  2. Mrs. D at 6:52 pm

    this is a really good point.
    I usually have a problem with see through though, sometimes some fabrics are not as thick as they should be and one can see a black bra underneath. I don’t think it’s very nice but the truth is that I don’t own any white/nude bras. I just never think of buying them as I find them boring. I need to remind myself to do it sometime!

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