Hello Friday!
I am happy you’re finally here! I am donning my one and only houndtooth dress to welcome you. I am also

sporting my dog earrings and necklace. So, here come the herd! 

wearing Fly Now silk dress, Agatha earrings and necklace, BVL rings, Marc Jacobs kitten heels, BVL bag and Lafont glasses.

I must say I love this dress. Being a quality freak like I am, I totally appreciate the meticulous finish of this product. Everything from the details inside the collar to under the sleeves are beautifully taken care of. You can even wear it inside out, seriously. They’re about 10%-20% more expensive than Zara (depends on items) but the quality is far beyond. Drawback, of course, you have to send them to dry cleaning service. Even quality requires good care, Fly Now is definitely my favorite Thai brand.

Have a nice weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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