Good morning  hardworking people !
Do you change your hairstyle often ? I have mine cut every other 3 weeks. I tried long, short, pixie, brown, highlighted red. To me, hair is interesting because it grows. I have never had curly hair and I have never been patient enough to grow my mane. Let’s make life simpler, there is a Chinatown in every country (plus a huge country called China) so  why not go there and grab your dream hair ? I did, last Friday, at Sampeng market. And here I am ^_^

wearing Melrose cotton dress,

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Zara pumps, Agatha necklace and a wig made of silk

Love and sunshine,
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  1. jill815 at 8:22 pm

    Hang oh my God you like a sexy vixen! Wow, what a change. What does your husband think? Oh I can just imagine, yeow! You are the best, thanks for making me smile today! XO, Jill

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