little black bags

little black bags

Hi everyone!
If you own a Hermès Birkin, congrats to you, you possess a piece of the best treated dead cow in the world. If you don’t own one, congrats to you too because you definitely still have that $$$ in your account for better use than carry it around like Kim K. or donate it directly to the wealth of Hermès family. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Hermès, on the contrary. My father used to make leather shoes and my father-in-law used to make bags for Hermès in his atelier, so even though I am one of the million users of the by-product from meat industry, I am far from being a leather hater. I had all these reflections just because I wanted to buy a new bag. And I still want it now. I inventoried my little black bags to tell myself that I am not  short on bags. Bag bag bag!!!
This guy was

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my first date, Bulgari. When I was young and free, I met him in Paris. I even gave him the first lingerie butterfly charm I designed, then a lollipop I bought in flea market. What a love, I still love him, even though I moved on to the next one.

This one was a crush in Paris, Louis Vuitton on Avenue Montaigne. He was totally impractical for Bangkok. I got all my stuff fell out because people opened the car door for me and I always felt uncomfortable hanging out with him because he has 2 big compartments wide open 24/24 and zero zippers.

This guy was another crush in Singapore. His name is Issey Miyaké Pleats Please. He is cute, versatile, can twist and turn but can’t stand too much weight, deform easily. Just as vulnerable as other Japanese guys, you know.

This lady is sophisticate, easy going and can listen to you all night. She’s my best party companion! Met her in Paris while exchanging a faulty guy in Prada.

This guy is a Spanish expat in Bangkok, called Zara. Quite easy guy, doesn’t need much attention but make good impression.

You must love my local Thai girl with a boy name Jacob. Her family has been around since 1939.

I definitely save the best for last. This sublime little crocodile lady was born in Italy early 1950, living an expat life in Paris and now in Bangkok. She was a gift from my father-in-law to my mother-in-law. She is my treasure.

Basically I can carry a different black bag every single day of the week, not to mention other red, orange, mustard, mahogany, green, brown, tobacco, terracotta bags and even some I designed like the monster skin, the weekend attack…but the one I want is in Royal Blue…. Life has never been easy anyway! 
Keep walking! said Johnnie Walker.

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Victoria at 10:55 pm

    I love all your guys 😉 but I think the last one is the best! For me when it comes to bags I only have one black and one light colour and a lot of cotton bag haha I know I’m like teenager but I don’t know for the everyday I really love cotton bags 😀

  2. Bella Q at 12:34 am

    You’ve made me realize that blacks bags are the unsung heroes of fashion- yours are quite a collection- so pretty (I love the Prada, the Pleats and the 50’s croc!) I just bought a functional vintage Coach black leather bag after I realized that I didn’t have a single black bag for day. Wonderful post, Hung!

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