almost denim

almost denim

Hi everyone!
Last week, I visited my favourite Japanese brand Issey Miyaké. They have fabulous stuff (of course, they have never disappointed me) with statement necklace printed on off-white tank tops and especially denim prints. Then, I found Paul Smith Junior also has fabulous stuff! They sometimes let me down but this time, unfortunately for me, there were beautiful prints and cute colours so I didn’t get to buy anything, all went to my little man. I prefer wearing my jeans from last year and watching the kid running around happy and smart in his new outfit. But wait, there’s another weekend coming ^_^

wearing Fly Now tank top, blazer made by myself, Issey Miyaké Pleats Please pants, Zara shoes, Lafont glasses, Revlon red lipstick, OPI nail polish, BVL jewelry

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. jill815 at 9:16 pm

    Your outfit posts always give me a morale boost. I love the tank top and I’m impressed that you made that blazer yourself. Wow. I dream of making a Chanel-like jacket, but have to work on my sewing skills, and then of course find the time away from my husband and kids to make it happen! XO, Jill

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