lacy jeans

lacy jeans

Warning: This is a me me me post!
Last Friday, I went to Bangkok viagra Art and Culture Center for a design and fashion business seminar. Among the four languages that I use everyday, Thai comes fourth and unfortunately for me, this seminar was in Thai. So the only thing I remember was “despite being crazy and impractical sometimes, designers are important to a fashion business” —> enough for me cheap generic viagra with dapoxetine 100mg to be this contented

wearing D&G jeans, Wonder Anatomie leather cut-out shirt, vintage LV bag, Prada belt, United Nude sandals, Lafont glasses


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Sunday everyone!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Bella Q at 11:54 am

    Thai comes in forth- oh man, what a wonder. Ya know my American mouth only comes in one gear- and it ain’t Thai.

    The fact you speak so well, your kind words to me in my language is beyond touching, friend. Thank you.

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