I quote Avy

I quote Avy

A poignant piece of writing from Avy
It’s always interesting for me to learn what other people think about fashion. It takes knowledge and patience to differentiate between a brand whore and a style savvy person. As a fashion insider, I love it when people follow trends. That means my creations according to trend books will sell well. And all that  is trendy now were planned two years in advance. The so-called trend is established to make the whole industry work better, reduce stock and organize merchandise.  It’s essential. Trends happen because there ‘re people who stand up for themselves, know what they want and demonstrate their beliefs in fashion. So if you want to survive stylishly, be yourself ! 
And because I don’t want to lose all my blog friends after near 7 years of blogging (not 7 years of commenting other blogs and asking to follow) for I just keep writing and not posting a single photo, I share my latest design. Enjoy!
Have an energetic week everyone!
Love and sunshine,

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  1. jill815 at 12:33 am

    What a great post. And this is your design? I am loving yellow more and more so I think this is a gorgeous set and if you made it, I am blown away! XO, Jill

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