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Recently, I have had friends coming over to Bangkok so I showed them around. They visited temples by themselves but shopped with me, of course! There are so many thrift shops here, especially for fashion. Most of them sell knockoff merchandise and/or bad execution (blame it on my job for recognizing the copies and checking the finish –> can be annoying sometimes :)). They’re cheap because they look the same but instead of silk, you’ll have polyester, for example. When it’s hot polyester can’t compete with silk (think Tropicana orange juice and fresh squeezed one)
I can wear heavily inspired stuff sometimes but I don’t wear knockoff (blame it on my job again). So most of the time I choose the badly executed and alter them to my taste. Just like this dress. 
I didn’t take photo of the dress before alteration so I made a rough sketch for you ^_^
I reinforced all the buttons, chopped off 10 cm, used ivory thread instead of black for the hem (used black permanent marker to colour the ivory thread in the middle part), threw away the belt and loops, added a collar. Tah dah!!!

wearing thrift dress and collar, Le coq sportif bag, Christian Louboutin shoes

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  1. Hang T. Tran at 11:32 am

    just the middle part where ivory thread runs through ^_^ I am a lazy girl, didn’t want to change thread so I used marker :)) I machine washed the dress several times already and the marker stays.


  2. Aminta Paiz at 5:48 pm

    The dress looks fantastic now!! And you are very good at drawing huh… I wish I could have that many thrift stores here… hope I could visit you one day <3 … thanks for your love dear

  3. Bella Q at 1:03 pm

    I absolutely LOVE the look of the collar with your shift dress- so swinging ’60’s and mod! The collars are remarkably versatile, great look to whatever you’ve paired them with.

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