Hello Wednesday!
It is the middle of the week and I should be drawing a few dozen of panties right now. But I take a few minutes for a new post. Though web surfing can help refresh my mind, it doesn’t make me more creative. You can’t be creative just by watching extraordinary things people did, you have to experience it yourself. However, blogging is absolutely therapeutic for me because I share my experience with you. From times to times I need to see new things, talk to interesting people and have some fun to feel alive. And my recent trip to Hong Kong has brought me that generic lexapro new energy in order to live until the next journey!  

I went to women, men, kid wear, electrical, cosmetics, Chinese medicine shops… but nexium generic I didn’t go to any lingerie shop because I have lots of them everyday around me. I just want to does lexapro mess up your period get the triangle shapes out of my mind for a while niaspan and lipitor :))) Finally, I bagged 3 golden ladies for my feet!!!!

Be happy my friends,

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Bella Q at 2:29 am

    I love your golden ladies- ESP the 2nd sandals: perfect for a goddess. Great pics. I’ve never been to hong long and you’ve taken me with you. Lovely my friend!

  2. Dear Girl Wallflower at 3:04 am

    you have a pretty feet for those golden shoes!!your choices are lovely! I love the window displays, very creative, and unbelievable!!! I read in a book that “panties” are supposed to be called, “underwears”?…you job as a lingerie designer is so interesting! Thanks for following, I’m following you back.

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