Le Normandie

Le Normandie

Good evening everyone, 
So, this is one of the finest French restaurants in town with a spectacular view over Chao Phraya river of Bangkok. But what happened in the plates kept me away from the view. 
amuse bouche
seared foie gras

roasted frog legs, garden greens mousseline, crispy squids
salmon variations, tartare, confit, mousseline, parsley jus

braised pork fillet in aromatic herbs, preserved belly, Coco de Paimpol beans

roasted duck breast, orange and carrot purée, Mandarine Napoléon pan-jus

fresh and matured French farmhouse cheese plate Philippe Olivier

Isn’t it exuberant? I was amazed by the presentation and service, as usual. Their new Mexican chef had obviously brought a personal touch to the plating. I was somehow overwhelmed by all the flavors that my simple sense of taste received at one bite. Not to the extent of what I experienced with molecular cuisine though. 
I always believe there is a connection between cuisine and fashion. Like, nice prints can be in full bloom in a simple piece and solid fabric work wonderfully with more complicated patterns. 
But I am always taken by surprise and I love it!
Have a great week ahead!
Love and moonlight,
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  1. Victoria at 5:26 pm

    I love this post so much! I can totally see the conection between food and art is amazing the way the decorate the plates and balance the flavours! you are so lucky !xx

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