If you were a flower…

If you were a flower…

I was  waken up this morning by the tweet tweet outside my balcony where I have taken photos of myself on. I didn’t know what kind of birds they generic cialis were, I have never seen them but they have become a part of my beautiful life here. Their little tweets made the noise from the television cialis in the living room die down http://pharmacyexpress-viagra.com/ and the baby cries sound less urgent for one second.
And for that one second, I was still dreaming about the book I http://pharmacyexpress-viagra.com/ read last night before falling asleep. It was a beautifully written novel about love and its power. The hero and heroine finally cialis vs viagra lived happily forever after in a farm, which I couldn’t help thinking if they were to be incarnated in some plants or floras, she would be an orchid and he would be an oak tree so they could continue their love and companionship.
For me, I’d love to be a cacao so that, in the end, I would be made into a chocolate cake.
Love and sunshine,

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  1. sacramento at 8:05 pm

    You are a true poet, my dear Hang
    I think I am an olive tree: big legs deep on the ground, seaching for the best in mother earth.
    Beautiful pics.
    You definitely are a chocolate cake.

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