to warm you up

to warm you up

Hello lovely people!
Is it freezing where you live or is it the up-coming 2012 Fall/Winter Fashion Week that makes you cling to your trench coats and boots? Me, I’m completely off season! Today I have just received my first lab dip for Spring/Summer 2013. So, here I am, totally summer-minded now ^_^

Lafont sunnies, Zara t-shirt and shorts

little thrift treasures

I even have this photo taken during summer while flamboyant trees were in bloom! Yeah!

my addiction to this flamboyant nail polish is explicable, isn’t it?
I’ve been asked what is so much to design on a little triangle and 2 circles that could make what I am doing a real job? 
Imagine what people will like before they know what they like is part of it and when you can sell, it’s a job, if you can’t, it’s a dream.
Good night to all my dearies!
Love and sunshine,
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