Hi everyone!
Hola Sacramento!
It has been a while since I promised my lovely lady of Mis Papelicos to show her my sketches. But I have been juggling between vacation mode and deadlines… I am happy that I could post it today…Finally 🙂

so there are stretch printed satin, stretch lace, satin bow and other 20 items of materials to make our tiny bra and string. I put them together nicely here because I try to convince you that I am an organized girl  but normally each one has its own place on/under my busy desk/drawer/boxes…

These are my favorite pencils and I use them everyday. No matter what I draw, it all comes up in a big messy bunch of colours and I looooove it. However, to make things clearer and faster for everyone else, I use Adobe Illustrator hihihih

If you wish to see some other drawings I made looong time ago, you can take a look in 2005 or 2006 or 2007 or just come to see me ^_^

Love and sunshine,

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