ikat pants and vintage gift

ikat pants and vintage gift

Hello lovelies!!!!
Are you all enjoying your holidays? Before I am off for a few days at the beach, I’d love to share with you the vintage gift I got under my tree 🙂 Can you guess which one is it?

You’re right! It is the vintage red Louis Vuitton bag that I got from my mother-in-law. I was thrilled when I opened the package ^_^
In this look, I was wearing Zara Ikat printed cotton pants, Pima cotton tank top, Via Delle Perle gold dust jacket, Zara open toes platform, Lafont glasses, YSL Rouge Sublime No.1 lipstick (just to match with the bag :))
These were some snapshots in front of my office. It got much warmer so I opted for a lighter Zara cardigan, paired with my forever Prada bag and a silver necklace.
I couldn’t resist the yellow car, was so nice posing next to it in my blue tones hihihi

After digging my messy make-up box, I found a sample Shiseido lipstick called Perfect Red which has the same shade as in the Ikat print. Bingo!!!  
(They have the same colour but make from different materials and are in textures so they don’t reflect light in the same way, which make them look slightly different in this photo)

Oh, and I also found the perfect nail wrap for this look. I couldn’t believe that there’s a nail set exists in the same pattern and colour scheme of the Ikat printed pants. Amazing!!!
What a lucky day!!!

Last but not least, I would like to thank you all for leaving me kind comments and sharing your thoughts on my blog. After 6 years going unnoticed in the vast blogosphere, I finally got some valuable new friends. I am so happy!!!

Love and sunshine,

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