A cup of tea

A cup of tea

Hello everyone! How are you doing?
I woke up this morning and felt very lazy. So I recalled my perfect morning which looked like this:
Sunrise from my balcony with the view over Chao Praya river and a cup of tea ^_^
To me, discover a new kind of tea is much better than own a Prada bag. Because the pleasure is foreeeveerrrr :)) And early December, I found a very nice tea shop in Singapore called TWG!

Photos from TWG tea company
If you’re interested in tea as much as I am, you may want to take a look at this tea production video from Ronnefeldt. Their Camomile is a killer!
And most important, Golden rules to make yourself a nice cup of tea. I love Buddha Bleu from Mariage Frères and I follow their rules. Last but not least, serve your perfect drink in a fine porcelain tea service. I hope this Cheval d’Orient set of tea cup and saucer from Hèrmes will be under my tree this Christmas ^_^ 
I wonder if my recent preference of home decoration to clothing is a sign of maturity :)))
Love and sunshine,
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  1. sacramento at 5:20 pm

    Wonderful photos, dear Hang.I also love tea.
    More than a sign of maturity might be a face, LOl.
    My husband is tmore keen on house deco and crockery.
    Since I was a littel girl, If i couldn´t wear it I wans´t interested, hehehehhee.
    have a grand day, my dear friend.

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 5:51 pm

    Hi Sacramento! So we’re interested in not only blogging, fashion but also tea. How great!!!
    Btw, I don’t forget the promise of showing my sketches, it’s just that I haven’t found a nice way to present them.
    Pls wait for me my dear friend!

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