leather and polka dots

leather and polka dots

Good evening lovelies!!!
How are you doing? The weather in Bangkok is really cool today and I ‘ve got a chance to sport my leather skirt. Yeah! It has always been nice this time of the year and I pull out all my leather stuff and animal prints 😀
I was not in office today (Yeah!) Instead, I was attending a seminar on Update Korean Fashion Industry and Stylesight.com open house. It was very interesting (I politely said it) 
In a nutshell, people shop more and more online and youngsters prefer to dress like they’re going hiking or skiing while shopping or schooling (think Eskimos in Bangkok)
But, I would be very selfish if I keep this blog to myself. You don’t have to be a subscriber to be updated  on trends and important news in fashion industry.

the seminar was held in The Style by Toyota building, where I found this gorgeous guy. The crush of the year it was!
Anyway, I was wearing Zara leather skirt, polka dots (but look like snake skin) silk top and scarf.
Prada shoes and bag, Lafont glasses and YSL Sublime Rouge No.1 nail polish (also, I swear to you all that I wore a skin tone lacey bra but it turned out rather white in photos *shame*)
I am going to crash now. Good night!!!!
Love and moonlight,
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