Good evening lovelies!
I can see that you love a bit of history in my previous post. I really appreciate it. So in this vast blogosphere full of inspirations from magazines and street styles, I am not the only one who is interested in how our wardrobes turned out the way they are now.
Now, I take it inside out by sharing with you this bustier with beautiful embroidery that I am in love with.

wearing Lise Charmel bustier, Huy Vo mesh dress, Schutz platforms and borrowed bangles from my lovely photographer ^_^ (also seen here)
Most women think a bustier is a fancy piece of lingerie, it actually is. And since it is fancy, it is absolutely acceptable if we wear it as outer wear. I have never tried going out the way I was in these photos though :))
As its name suggests, a bustier is used to enhance your bust by slightly tightening your abdominal part. And a corset? Well, it purposely gives you a pint-sized waist by taking your breath away :))) 

Photos by Lorna BC

Have a sweet weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Chi Linh at 9:05 pm

    Hi em, hình trong blog đẹp lắm. Tình hình bên đó sao rồi, đọc báo thấy càng ngày càng serious. Nhớ cập nhật tình hình nha.

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