skin care for lazy girls

skin care for lazy girls

Good evening lovely people!

If you are reading this and you’re not a lazy person, I suppose you’re a busy one. That ‘s acceptable too! So, let’s get started!

I’ll share here my routines but not products’ names because I don’t promote free for any company ^_^
There’s no secrets:
First, I am a lucky girl, good skin is in my genes.
Second, when I was a teenager, I washed my face 4 times a day with WATER!!!! Yes, no chemical! Bio, eco-friendly and cheap too!!!!
Third, I never go to

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bed with make-up on.
Fourth, I go out with sunblock.
Fifth, I go to bed with moisturizer.
Sixth, my everyday make-up kit: lipstick, blush.
Last but not least, I sleep from 10pm to 7am almost every night.

Expensive products don’t necessarily mean best result. I normally go for more clinical brands than cosmetics ones. I pick fragrance-free or very mild scent so I can still feel my perfume. I hate when people walk into a lift smelling like a chemical plant.

I have been religiously doing the above simple steps for the past 10 years, I’ll see if

it is a good method in the next 10 years. So keep in touch!

Photo by Lorna BC

Have a good night and sweet dreams!

Love and breeze,


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