Good morning lovelies!!!
How are you? I had a sleepy weekend but everything was great, so you won’t hear me complain, don’t worry 🙂 And I am so excited to share this post with you all after a million years of no-post. Victoria from Style Marmalade said that I should show my designs here. Well, I had some photos taken but I don’t have enough courage to post on my blog, they’ll be forever in my hard drive (you know why). However, I am ready show you a lingerie photo like this:
I bought this gorgeous mesh dress from Huy Vo early this year in Hochiminh city, Vietnam but I didn’t have a good occasion to wear it until now. 
Underneath was Lise Charmel bustier with removable garters and a high waist brief (yes, the brief is my design and yes, garter-belt and high waist brief are coming back, you don’t need to be a granny to wear them!)

Not so easy to play with layers in such hot weather but it is good to have just a mesh dress underneath and a ruched Pinko dress on top.
also wearing Schutz platform shoes, Prada clutch, bangle and ring from Lorna – the beautiful and humorous photographer, Lafont glasses and no name bling bling earrings. 

Photos by Lorna BC

Have a sexy day my dear readers!!!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Inmyunderwear at 2:26 pm

    I heard there was one customers from Thailand bought this piece and I was completely surprised. Because noone dares to wear this, but you rock it out, and yet I love and thank you for your appreciation.

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