The Jewelry of Southeast Asia

The Jewelry of Southeast Asia

Hello my friends!
Some people asked me where my inspirations come from being a lingerie designer. Well, not necessarily from sex as many people may think, I can confirm! But from anything, such as this inspiring book I read recently. I was impressed by all the shapes and details. The imagination of people in previous era was respectable. In this book by Anne Richter (Thames&Hudson), there are exquisite pieces that belonged to Royal families and ancient cultures and yet those featured in this post are quite contemporary.   
Let’s enjoy!

imagine grooming yourself on a bench in front of a colonial-styled house with these beautifully-crafted tools (yah, normally we do it in the toilet but, just imagine:))

I saw a necklace like this one in a goldsmith near my home ^_^

arm party!

fish and turlte

hair party!!!

ear party!!! if you can wear them all at the same time
Have a creative day my dear friends!
Love and sunshine,
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  1. TRAN Thu Hang at 4:48 pm

    HI Lucia!
    Thanks for your comment!

    HI Sacramento!
    These photos are from the book The Jewelry of Southeast Asia.
    And my lingerie is distributed in many countries. Particularly in Spain, you can find them in Cristian Lay ‘s catalogues.


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