laugh and fly

laugh and fly

 Hello happy world!!!
Today I and Sarinna are supposed to give out some young, fun and cheap panty designs. And of course we’re stuck! That happens not sometimes but often, to be honest. So we decided to have some fun first and the cheap panties will follow (we hope) LOL 

wearing everything from Zara, DIY earrings and a borrowed bag, flying in front of our office building and having photos taken by Sarinna.

*Now I should be back to my cheap panties ho ho ho*

Have a happy weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. Anonymous at 5:17 pm

    วันนี้แต่งตัวน่ารัก สดใสที่สุดเลย เหมือนซินเดอร์เลล่า 🙂

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