Good afternoon beautiful world!
I guess you’re enjoying your weekend. So do I! I have friends coming over to my new home and I have these photos to share with you after one no-post week. Everything is brand new: the dress, the bag, the shoes and the background ^_^
Moreover, my usual mumbling photographer has taken the below photos with a smile. I can’t be happier hihihi

wearing Guess dress, Prada clutch, Christian Louboutin shoes (you can see them in details here), Shiseido lipstick. My hair without wax looks like this, I have been growing it since my pixie cut.
Recently I was quite disappointed by the quality of Zara and Prada products so I try to find other brands to replace them. 
This crisscross black dress from Guess is quite comfortable, wrinkle-free because it is knitwear. I can eat and breath, let my little son sit on my lap, pull my dress without much worries. 
Oh and for Prada! This should be my last bag from Prada. When I spent a month salary for a bag, I didn’t expect its handles to be broken within 1 month and the zipper to be rusty with 2 weeks of storage, not even been used. 
My husband said that everything can be perished in my hands. I thought I was gentle hahahha
By the way, tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival. Happy holiday to all! Eat lots of moon cakes and light more lanterns! (Don’t buy electric ones, buy the ones with candles please)
Also, tomorrow I ‘ll be living in Thailand for 2 years and it has been just great.

Sawadee kha!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. sacramento at 5:08 pm

    My dear Hang you get more beautiful everyday, and so is your blog ( love the bigger photos)
    The mumbbling photographers in the end learn to love it, hehehehehe.
    I couldn´t agree more with you on quality.
    We are still in summer. It might cool down at the end of september…
    Loving your new place.
    We live so far, and then, I feel so close to you…
    Much love.

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 9:38 am

    My dear Sacramento!
    You’re my blog sister, really! Thanks so much for your support.
    My new place has given me lots of inspiration though I haven’t finished arranging all my stuff ^_^

    Big kisses

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