running errands

running errands

Good evening friends!
It’s Saturday, time for shopping…for diapers and food to be precise 🙂 But I put on my new MET jeans and debuted my Prada bag, anyway. Yohhooo!!!

oh, actually I did buy a dozen of headbands and a Chanel lipstick-Romance 55. Its a very sweet pink and I feel girly wearing it ^_^

MET jeans are quite kinky but I finally brought one pair home and debuted it with a black boyshort underneath, you can wear a string to live the brand spirit if you wish. I may try next time 😉

Remember this cute Mr. Bear with hearts printed all over? He is now has a new home because my other red Prada bag has been sent to Hongkong to be repaired. Hopefully I’ll have it back before Christmas. Sadly, nowadays quality and price are not as relevant as expected. 

I was wearing a thrift headband in satin gold, Lafont glasses, Zara blouse, MET jeans, Zara flat pumps and Prada bag. The bracelet I have on my left wrist is permanent. My mother gave it to me when I was a kid as a tradition, to keep me healthy. For nearly 20 years, I have outgrown it, luckily:)) and it has become a part of me.

Have a fashionable weekend!

Love and sunshine,

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  1. sacramento at 1:00 am

    Don´t you look fantastic in shorts, jealous ( in a good way, LOL)
    I bought red and blanck only, but next time I shall get every colour. It is fantastic. Love OPI.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    We are very, very hot, and after the long break in cool England is quite a shock.

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 10:46 pm

    hi Sacramento! Its strange that the weather in europe is so hot this summer, I got more tanned there than when I live in Thailand!
    I have never tried black nail polish. Look forward to your post with the black OPI!

  3. TRAN Thu Hang at 10:50 pm

    Hi Victoria!
    I got this pair in Juan-les-pins, in the South of France and there was another pair that got those sexy details just above the front pockets which make it almost impossible to wear anything underneath.
    I guess I made a reasonable choice LOL

  4. Isabel Bianchi at 6:26 pm

    Love your Prada bag! In fact, love Prada sooo much! If only its prices were quite affordable… hehe! It´s a very good purchase, because its shape and colour make its suitable for lots of looks, styles, day or night…
    Nice to meet you!

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