leather cut-out

leather cut-out

Hello Hello beautiful people!
I know its too hot for anything leather here and now. But please forgive my leather stuff, they just jumped out of my wardrobe and want to show off :))

wearing Wonder Anatomie cotton shirt with leather cut-out appliqué, Zara white cotton jeans, Nine West leather cut-out sandals, Zara leather oversized clutch.
And my new silver purse necklace. I did put 20 Baht (60 cents) in it just in case I want to eat an ice cream while sporting all these leather

Love and sunshine,

PS: Please ignore my face in those photos, I just woke up 🙂

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  1. Anika http://www.byanika.com at 6:09 pm

    The pattern in your sandals works perfectly with the simplicity of your pants and shirt, with the added touch of that wonderful neckless and the surprising sleeves. Darling, I love your style! You are very beautiful. Hugs to you from Oslo xo

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